Calum Leslie

MA Multimedia Journalism student at Glasgow Caledonian University


Bookworms, attack! (Or read, I guess…)

Does anyone else fear for books?

I do. But I’m still deciding if it’s an irrational fear – like the one I have that chicken’s never cooked properly. Or lego. Lego’s freaky.

But no, really – I fear for books. I don’t think many folk are reading them.

Print journalism (a big chunk of the industry I want to get into) is already set up with a sketchy, at best, future – and now the things I studied for four years at Uni could be on the way out too.

I’m not talking about fearing for fiction,  non-fiction or writing in general. That will all continue to exist, but will do so online, on your smartphone or on, as they say, your ‘tablet device’. I’m worried about the physical object: the book. With pages, and binding, and printed ink. All that stuff.

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